"Would talking
to a professional help you to straighten
things out?"

Mandy Nichols

What use is just talking?

It may seem strange but even just talking about what’s going on and how we feel and believe can help. I will however, not just be listening I will be working out what is behind these feelings and beliefs and try to bring them into your awareness if they are not and if they are I can help identify different perspectives to help you move forward.

What benefits can be expected?

We all want to feel happy in life and to feel fulfilled, to have good strong relations and feel positive about the future. These are all possible gains in counselling. However, sometimes these issues are hidden deep within and with good therapy you will learn to feel the benefits of having an understanding of who you are and why you are the way you are.

How long might I need in therapy?

Quite simply, you decide. We can agree on what goals you would like to achieve from therapy and I can give you my opinion on how long or short that would be, but ultimately it is up to you, you can come for as long or as little as you like.

"I thought you had to be mad to go for counselling, I realise now how wrong I was." Richard, 48, Leeds

"I am more assertive now than I have ever been, I am no longer worried that I need to please people to be liked." Louise, 41, Rotherham

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