"Need someone
to listen?"

Mandy Nichols

"You summed up in a few sentences how I had been feeling for years without being able to describe it myself." Caroline, 26, Harrogate

"I can’t think now why I was nervous about coming, it has helped me so much, I have really enjoyed it." Julie, 44, Leeds

"I thought you had to be mad to go for counselling, I realise now how wrong I was." Richard, 48, Leeds

"I am more assertive now than I have ever been, I am no longer worried that I need to please people to be liked." Louise, 41, Rotherham

"Mandy worked for me for three years, she is a superb counsellor, I would highly recommend her." David Leckie, Managing Director, Mind Matters, Wakefield

"Mandy is highly developed in NHS workplace counselling and assessments, she is highly aware of the need for work life balance in today's pressured working environments." Helen Lill, NHS Wellbeing Manager

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